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I am no longer in a fixed location in Baltimore but instead, I am touring the local area and visiting the DC suburbs regularly. If you would like to be kept up to date about my schedule when I am visiting your area (anywhere between here and Mars, the planet but mostly between outside DC/suburbs area all the way to greater Philadelphia area - please fill out the contact form with locations that work for you. I will contact you in advance to let you know I am arriving and looking forward to seeing you!

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Why tantra? Why did you become a tantrika?

I am a temple goddess that has been called to this work as a natural order and progression in my life. I like to think that I chose this path but looking at my life, I cannot help but recognize that I have been the one that was chosen, and everything in my life prior to now was part of a lifelong initiation to prepare me for my role as temple goddess in a sacred order that celebrates sexuality instead of condemning it and initiates sincere seekers into the wonderful bliss of union between the Goddess and her consort.

I am not embarrassed to say that I love what I do and I adore the people who give me the privilege of sharing this experience with them. I have met some of the most amazing people as a result of being here, doing this.

There is no greater feeling than being able to connect on a deeply intimate level - without obligation, without shame, without fear or anger - and the experience of relaxed adult sexual joy bubbles up and elevates us both into higher states. 

What is Tantra? How is this different from anything else?

Here, tantra is built on the foundations of respect, honor and reverence for Other and the gift they give us by sharing this experience with us. If you have been looking for a more meaningful, connected experience that fills you with loving feelings and a genuine feeling of being respected and adored, this is where you want to be. Tantra is much more than simple erotic entertainment. It is an opportunity to take our powerful life force energy and rebuild, renew and rejuvenate ourselves in meaningful ways that continue on; long after our encounter is over.

Tantra is a celebration of love.  

And it is a celebration of you.


Goddess Samois

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance for providing me with valuable feedback and especially such affectionate and positive words. Everyone needs a cheerleader in life. I try to be the best one I can be for you, and I take a special pleasure and gratitude in knowing you are also mine.



  • Located In:

    Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Service Type:

    Masseuse, BDSM/Fetish, and Escort

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Physical Attributes

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  • Height:

    5 ft. 4 in.

  • Hair Color:


  • Bust Size:

    36 DDD


  • Catering To:


  • Languages:

    English and Spanish

  • Smoker:


  • Hourly Rate:

    300 - 600 USD

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Added on January 17, 2017

This was my second visit to Samois for her signature odyssey session. After having such a good time during our first meeting I had to come back and do it again. Samois not a 20-something hardbody, but rather an attractive, mature woman with some great curves. By no means would I call her a BBW. Samois makes the session all about you, and will play things to suit your tastes. Our first session had more of a role-play element, but that wasn't really my thing, so this time it was all about pleasing me. Samois is a great lady who does everything she can to please during your time together, treat her right and you'll be well rewarded, i'll be seeing her again soon.
Cutie Pie

Added on December 17, 2016

What a great time i had. A submissive who has been out of practice for a while. Goddess Samois used all Her natural power to put me in my place and give me a much deserved flogging. Spectacular and awesome Woman. By the time She was done with me i was putty in Her sexy hands. Kissing Her feet and worshipping Her was amazing. Very sexy and professional at all times. Goddess is well worth the time and energy, stress relief on both sides. Cares very much about all She does and knows how to relieve Her stress and leave with a smile. Will be seeing Her again and know She was less tense after a applying a much need spanking for such a bad little man as me. Her touch is incredible and the power and strength is impressive. Will love to see how much harder She will be since my rear end still feels a slight sting from the other day.
Cowboy Poet

Added on September 21, 2016

I had been looking to find out more about tantra and what the philosophy contained, how it reflected in human sexual interaction, and how it might enhance one’s experiences for a while. I had seen a couple of different tantra providers and ended up with nothing that was really much more than a FBSM experience. On that level, they were great, but as far as learning more about tantra, there was a lot left to be desired and I had arrived at a point where I thought I would not be able to find out much more via the provider route. Then a few weeks ago, I came across Samois’ posting on one of the better known sites and the link to her website. After reviewing, I was intrigued enough to reach out one last time and see if she might be the answer and I am glad I did. Not only is she a beautiful, attentive, and well-versed soul, but the introduction, experience, and reflection afterward have me looking to get back as soon as possible. That one last attempt to find someone who actually knew something about tantra and how to pass it along to another person paid off incredibly well. I would highly recommend her to anyone seriously wanting to experience such a thing, and I am looking forward to our next meeting and her continuing with me along this path toward learning more and more!
Serious Senior

Added on September 10, 2016

Samois is an absolute delight for the mature gentleman (emphasis on gentle!). I am a prostate cancer survivor who was hoping to re-kindle my sensual side when I found Samois -- and it was the perfect discovery. She has a body that exudes sensuality and, more importantly, knows how to use it -- definitely a break for me. Just as important is a winning personality. She prefers older men and her smooth, soft body is a comfortable landing spot. In addition to all the obvious pluses, Sam gives a wonderful massage, which is never rushed and always very fulfilling. After the first visit I couldn't wait to go back. I do as often as I can, which isn't as often as I'd like -- but it's still as exciting as the first time! Samois is not-to-be-lost keeper.
Global Gentleman

Added on September 8, 2016

I have seen Samois twice and both times was blown away by her voluptuous beauty and her sensuous, passionate, nature. She helped me explore parts of my desires that I have rarely explored before (both literally and figuratively!). She does not watch the clock - instead, she made me feel like my physical delight was her only concern in the world - and she delivered.
Eagle Scout

Added on September 8, 2016

I've seen Samois twice, and I'm glad I found her discretely tucked away near ____. Our sessions have been truly amazing - sublimely relaxing, but paradoxically exhilarating at the same time. She is a great conversationalist and a beautiful person, inside and out. Curvaceous, sexy and sensuous, Samois definitely knows her way around a man's body. She has luscious lips, smooth skin, luxurious long hair, and she knows how to use her natural feminine assets to bring out the best in a man. Samois aims to please, and does. I look forward to seeing her again soon.
Smooth Daddy

Added on September 4, 2016

I was in the MD area for a few days, and after reading Samois website was intrigued enough want to learn more. I gave her a call, and found her to be pleasant to talk to and we set arrangements to meet. When she came to the door I found the phone demeanor matched the beauty that was in front of me. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL,, articulate, and creative. She was on time, and within minutes it was like reuniting with an old friend. Definitely not a clock watcher, and felt at the end of our time, like I had been on a date with a beautiful woman. You can tell she really enjoys what she does, is creative and just a lot of fun to spend time with. The visit was outstanding enough that I actually took a vacation day a few weeks later and flew in from Boston, just to visit again. Gentlemen treat her right, wonderful ladies like this do not come around often.

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