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In case you didn't get the memo.

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I am finally ready to come back and start scheduling some very delicious play dates to help keep sanity, humor and general good will intact.... just as soon as my allergies are under control and I stop sounding like I am going to hack up a lung or a small rhinocerous. Such sexy talk, right?! LOL

I have lost a few pounds so for my friends who loved my very full and round face, I am still curvy like an hourglass but not as full in my face. My body is in transition to the thong bikini on a French beach version. At least, that is the direction I am trying to move all this transition toward. :-) Luckily for me, my breasts are naturally large not fat-inflated so as the waistline gets smaller, my breasts do NOT get smaller but actually start to look larger (optical illusions and all that). So for all my breast men out there, do not panic. The girls will still be here in full, fabulous and firm force. 

And ways of doing things have changed as I have evolved and life has evolved, etc. I am moving toward an extremely small and select availability to very special few folks. I will have content up for sale (clips, audio, stories, etc) for everyone else but to see me in person is going to start requiring much more than making a request and being available. Even folks I have seen before may find that I need more than a sudden reappearance years later to get access. Private life is becoming a lot more private and its a good thing.

The world has gone completely mad so now, more than ever - my space has to be a safe space for mental health as well as everything…

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The best date ever. Christmas edition.

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This one is from the best dates ever collection. :-)

This date started out with the most important ingredient of all. He was enthusiastic to see me and was serious about wanting to spend as much time with him as we could afford together while he was in town. He had read my blog (like you are doing) and was enamored with the person as much as the pictures and the website and simply had to give himself this little bit of heaven. Enthusiasm and generosity in anything with anyone is always the winning combination. Just look around you in any area of life and see how true that is for everyone and every situation. :-)

He was a cutie. Not your classically handsome Rock Hudson or Brad Pitt handsome but more like a Robin Williams, comedian kind of cutie. He had the kind of face that made you smile and want to squeeze its cheeks before you kissed it playfully everywhere. It was the kind of face that is no joke when it is buried between your thighs elevating your smile into an eruption of ecstasy. This is the best part of being a grown woman, a mature woman, a woman with life experience.... the things we find sexy have little to do with the gift wrapping and everything to do with what's inside the box. Our x-ray vision sees nice guys for who they are... the best kinds of lovers who just need a little direction and some ground rules about how to navigate those erotic oceans with you.

Dinner or skip dinner? Play now or play later? Making this a long night or a fast, furious and passionate visit? Decisions, decisions!

He was in town visiting and hadn't eaten yet so dinner was required not optional. After…

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On paper versus in actual practice

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oh my god this is so much work!

And by work, I mean organization and energy/inspiration/time management.

I am in the process of getting set up on a new site that will host my audio so you lovely folks that like to listen (as much as you like to look) can get access to my juiciest stories in audio format but good grief this is a lot of small, moving parts to deal with while trying to build an island empire! Ordered a new hands free microphone to improve audio quality and to also add some interesting options in terms of ambient noise.

If you would like an invitation to the new blog site with audio, send me an email. If you don't hear from me right away - be patient. I am still trying to get the new house ready for the audio party I am inviting you too and I don't want you stopping by too early. I want everything there up and ready for your arrival.

I am VERY excited about this. Almost as excited as I am when I am about to see you (and yes, this excites me. I only deal with the best kinds of folks so i have every reason to be excited!)

If you are a known playmate, let me know when you contact me!

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Move along, little doggie!

Parts of this blog will be moving to a new residence, complete with audio narration links. If you are interested in continuing to keep up with my blog, please send me a note for the new link.

See you on the aural side!

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