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Multiple cups are going to cost you, she said.

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I felt so dirty. I was already too invested to leave but too embarrassed to admit that I hadn't expected additional costs to pop up once I was in her chair. What could I do? Making this another DIY project was no longer an option and going without completely wasn't going to happen either. All I could do was agree and hope this wouldn't be a huge disappointment.

Thank god that this was only a conversation with my hair dresser about custom hair colors.


The price of beauty is higher than you think and never gives you a break for volume, frequency or need. Ask any woman who has ever wanted to be beautiful. 

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An actively sitting president is being sued

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... and as if that wasn't enough, 

by a porn star.

Let that sink in.

I have an overwhelming desire to stand in the middle of the street and scream "please don't contact me if you are playing some kind of weird head game, cause more misery-loves-company originating stress or otherwise give me one more reason to consider throwing myself off the edge of our supposedly flat earth!"

I am not doing it only because I can't decide what I would want to wear for this kind of once in a lifetime event. Stilettos? Flats? Formal? Casual? My favorite pearls or perhaps a dog tag ID in case I am recovered by aliens later? What if it is a long drop? Perhaps I should bring my kindle with the night light.....

If you think I sound crazy to you, you should hear how I sound to myself given my propensity to psychoanalyze. My generous assessment is that I think I am a wee bit tense today. :-)

And there is nothing I would enjoy more right now than escaping into a few hours of non-analytical bliss and having someone dive in and swim in the sensual ocean of my body while I set a course for feral cougar island where I reign as queen. But, for the love of all that is good and right in this world, all I can trust to be exactly what I expect it to be right now is my bed, and my dog. And I am not so sure about the dog...

If you are reading this and you would like to see more blog posts, and not originating from the local asylum, please send me a note and say something nice. Or send me gifts. Or send me loving energy and virtual hugs…

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Performance art, power and hobbyists.

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"You may begin", he would pronounce while standing there with his legs spread apart, spreading his arms in invitation with a flourish before his hands came to rest on his hips, like a king proudly presenting his kingdom to a guest. Meanwhile, his flaccid cock hung between his legs and awaited her efforts to resuscitate it from the suffocation of being under his ego. 

My eyes were wide with disbelief and I thought i was going to burst a vein trying to suppress a laugh so hard and so deep that I knew it had to be erupting from as deep down as the DNA of my ancestors inside my ovaries. Was he serious? Are you kidding me? This can't be real....

"Oh yes, he was serious" she responded with a straight face. "This is his routine every night before bed. Sometimes he doesn't stand there. Sometimes, he lays in the bed spread eagle and does the same thing."

I only lasted another few seconds before I started laughing so hard in disbelief that I fell over sideways, doubled over in laughter and amazement. "And she signed on for this?" was all I could think.

In the world of BDSM, there is a fragility around the ego and desire to appear powerful that is obvious from 5 kilometers away to the non-BDSM person. At least, in modern BDSM. This game of sex and power we play has evolved and changed dramatically from the 1970's (and before) and these days, much of this fueled by the mainstream acceptance of it and the prolific access and anonymity that the internet has afforded those that see themselves as instant experts at pretty much anything. Enemas with alcohol (the drink) were fueled by these two components of modern BDSM.

Yes. Alcohol (like vodka or

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Cheap motels, expensive cologne and free afternoons

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with someone I am familiar with and really like because they are a genuinely nice guy (and that involves more than *just* being polite), I like to play in the best, dirty girl ways. And in the right company, there's nothing like a spontaneous call that leads to a cheap, nearly vacant hotel in the middle of a free afternoon (that is only populated by other folks having the same ideas) when this is for the express purpose of me using him like a human mop for a very wet pussy that was humming like a hemi engine before he even gets in the door.

Some day I am going to reach an age where my sex drive and my ability to get enthusiastically wet will become distant, fond memories in the many pages of my life history. Until then, this hot box continues to keep me entertained, my favorite men inspired and life a hell of alot easier to deal with in the face of abject nonsense by everyone else outside that closed hotel room.

God bless feral heat and wild pussy. May we all enjoy more of it, more often.


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