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The fragility of being human

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Today in Florida at a small town highschool, 17 youth and adults were randomly selected and murdered with an AR-15 rifle by another youth who just barely entered adulthood himself.... After, so many other dehumanizing and demoralizing things that should never be happening with such alarming frequency and tolerance in a civilized society, in our civilized society.

If you are going to do something just because you can, do better as a human being is always the best answer.

To all my lovely readers who understand, cherish and share the value of connecting with another human being, appreciate my desire to share my humanity with you and know the value of integrity and that character is not measured by an arbitrary moral compass but by the things we do (or don't do) when it would be easier to be the lesser person than the greater one.... Happy Valentine's Day. You are genuinely appreciated here, and especially on days like this when I need a reason not to give up hope on humanity. Please take time out for your own mental and emotional health this week and I hope to see you as soon as my schedule permits. I think I need to see you more than you need to see me right now. 

Being human. Let's dive into our safe space with each other be wholly human again, soon.

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Home is where the dog is.

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My favorite pastime this month is curling up on the couch with my dog. Technically, I am curling up on the couch _around_ my dog as he is curled up into a ball trying to nap and ignore my obvious demands for doggie body heat and attention. He's like a teddy bear to snuggle close with, except that he is much warmer and therefore, more satisfying to have next to my belly. Sometimes, I want to ball him up and keep him right next to my belly like a fuzzy, hot water bottle but he never stays there and seems to prefer my feet or the back of my thighs.

These naps on the couch with him make a difference, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed. And I feel overwhelmed alot lately. Staying informed isn't making any other part of my life less fraught with long term consideration and nearly averted panic at the possibility that no matter how hard I try, the game is rigged in the dealer's favor and we are all going to lose our shirts before the hand is played out. I would drink more but I don't like the sluggish feeling. Prescription drugs aren't an option because I despise pharmaceuticals so much that you can barely get me to take aspirin and my only compromise is for nutritional supplements. And pedestrian drugs? Forget it. You'll see me sitting in a local dive bar swimming at the bottom of a liquor bottle like a permanent fixture in a Charles Bukowski ode before I waste my time or energy on messy entertainment like that. Martinis and rye whiskey with ginger beer are much sexier and social than aluminum can shotguns and rubber tourniquets, any day. At least, in my opinion. Given the internet, I admit that the…

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In case you didn't get the memo.

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I am finally ready to come back and start scheduling some very delicious play dates to help keep sanity, humor and general good will intact.... just as soon as my allergies are under control and I stop sounding like I am going to hack up a lung or a small rhinocerous. Such sexy talk, right?! LOL

I have lost a few pounds so for my friends who loved my very full and round face, I am still curvy like an hourglass but not as full in my face. My body is in transition to the thong bikini on a French beach version. At least, that is the direction I am trying to move all this transition toward. :-) Luckily for me, my breasts are naturally large not fat-inflated so as the waistline gets smaller, my breasts do NOT get smaller but actually start to look larger (optical illusions and all that). So for all my breast men out there, do not panic. The girls will still be here in full, fabulous and firm force. 

And ways of doing things have changed as I have evolved and life has evolved, etc. I am moving toward an extremely small and select availability to very special few folks. I will have content up for sale (clips, audio, stories, etc) for everyone else but to see me in person is going to start requiring much more than making a request and being available. Even folks I have seen before may find that I need more than a sudden reappearance years later to get access. Private life is becoming a lot more private and its a good thing.

The world has gone completely mad so now, more than ever - my space has to be a safe space for mental health as well as everything…

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The best date ever. Christmas edition.

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This one is from the best dates ever collection. :-)

This date started out with the most important ingredient of all. He was enthusiastic to see me and was serious about wanting to spend as much time with him as we could afford together while he was in town. He had read my blog (like you are doing) and was enamored with the person as much as the pictures and the website and simply had to give himself this little bit of heaven. Enthusiasm and generosity in anything with anyone is always the winning combination. Just look around you in any area of life and see how true that is for everyone and every situation. :-)

He was a cutie. Not your classically handsome Rock Hudson or Brad Pitt handsome but more like a Robin Williams, comedian kind of cutie. He had the kind of face that made you smile and want to squeeze its cheeks before you kissed it playfully everywhere. It was the kind of face that is no joke when it is buried between your thighs elevating your smile into an eruption of ecstasy. This is the best part of being a grown woman, a mature woman, a woman with life experience.... the things we find sexy have little to do with the gift wrapping and everything to do with what's inside the box. Our x-ray vision sees nice guys for who they are... the best kinds of lovers who just need a little direction and some ground rules about how to navigate those erotic oceans with you.

Dinner or skip dinner? Play now or play later? Making this a long night or a fast, furious and passionate visit? Decisions, decisions!

He was in town visiting and hadn't eaten yet so dinner was required not optional. After…

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