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Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Qi

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It is believed that the male seed carries the essence of life, or the Qi, that which is necessary to mix with the female essence,which holds the entirety of the Universe in its passive form, for life to alchemically come into existence. 

Because this is an energetic life force in the male Qi, it is considered Yang Qi and has a finite amount available in a man's lifetime. The secret knowledge in "formal" religions intended for the non-spiritually realized seeker is that depletion of this essence without any regulation will result in depletion of the male vitality, a weakening of his Qi and ability to maintain dynamic equilibrium.

Instinctively, common folk have recognized this truth without understanding what it really means and have often encouraged young men about to enter competition of any kind (sport or battle) to hold back their essence and refrain from even the simple act of masturbation to retain this powerful energy and maintain their "strength" and "power".

Interestingly enough, I have personally been aware of many men who have casually and prolifically enjoyed a cornucopia of sexual activity from early life that all suffered varying degrees of ED as early as their 40's while men who were prevented from indiscriminately discharging their essence in their youth due to social handicaps (height, weight, status, awkwardness, isolation, situation, circumstance) were as vital and potent in their 70's (and yes, 90's!) as someone in their late teens. There IS something to be said for preserving the Vital Essence and the reasons for it!

.... But it is not enough to hold it back. It is not healthy to deny our sexuality. And it accomplishes nothing by simply stopping the flow of anything. Nature teaches us this, over and over again.

In situations of ED or PE, the Qi…

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Bringing in 2014

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I love tantra. It fills me with a sensual joy and a life affirming delight that cannot be duplicated through basic physical encounters. Sometimes, when I am sharing this time with a seeker - I feel like I am taking a big breath and diving deep into warm, erotic waters where an entire world that cannot be seen from the surface exists. 

The deeper kiss is not a physical act but a spiritual one.

Although the deeper kiss as a physical act of worshiping the Goddess is always a welcome act of devotion too. 

Welcome 2014 and the gorgeous seekers you bring to my path. I am looking forward to embracing them and initiating them to your way.

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get a sneak peek into my life. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

Tantrika Samois
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