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And a little gem to sparkle.

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This post is just an excuse to post one of my favorite photos from my selfie shots recently. :-) Read more

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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In other news,

made my first video clip. Did not go as well as hoped but better than expected. I did pretty good with no free hands and only my cleavage to control the camera angles. Now if I could only grow a second pair of arms and hands so I can do this correctly. LOL. And no, it will never be posted for viewing for a few reasons. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. Filming a child's birthday party with the handycam at home by your drunken uncle would be more entertainment than what I managed to do on my first venture out into film land. :-) Many times the greatest things come after epic failures. At least, that is what I am telling myself. 

Updated new photos. Again, not bad for doing it all myself with a cam and a tripod. Sometimes, when you need something done, you really need to do it yourself. They are here in the gallery. Scenes from the rear view or something like that. Enjoy, and you're welcome. If you have a favorite, do drop me a note and tell me which one. I like feedback.

And finally, posted an audio version of a very sexy blog entry from recently. If you found yourself hot and bothered reading a recent entry, you'll love the audio. I reconnected with an old friend of mine (platonic) who just happened to be familiar with audio editing and helped me record and clean it up to more professional sound quality. The difference is amazing when you know what you are listening for.

.... Just don't listen while driving! Seriously, I am not kidding about this! You were warned!

Big wheels in motion and starting to turn. Learning curves being approached with trepidation but being approached, nonetheless. Not…

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People say things like, "I would trust ___ with my ___" about very specific people in their lives that they have built relationships with over time, tested it and found this to be more or less true. It is good to be able to feel that way with people, some people, any people, ... at least one person. Paranoia is the worst best friend to have.

But does that mean the person is trustworthy? Outside of their investment into your relationship with you at that moment, separate from that, removed from that and you.... are they actually... trust worthy?

There are those moments in life when you realize that you are in the company of someone who is genuinely trustworthy. They have integrity. They have character. They live by principles. They don't do things 'just because they can'. And in a moment when it would be so easy to take advantage of your weakness, your blindness or your vulnerability... they don't.

Not because they chose to rise above the temptation but because it never occurred to them that sinking to that kind of low level was even an option for them.

My neighbor is a Mr. Nice Guy in appearance but he is anything but. I can spot the over-reaching, predatory, spineless cowardice of a bottom dweller from a mile away having spent too much of my youth dealing with them and as an adult, seeing them everywhere; and typically succeeding in corporate life and other toxic environments.

 But I know people who are sweet, kind, nice and fair. And I know one dear sweet boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and is still looking for his noble place in the world, he is a 'nice guy' with all the social abuse that comes with it from smaller…

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Tell me what your fantasy is, he asked.

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And I said, that's easy; we can start with remodeling my kitchen.

...Imagine that he only seemed disappointed and confused when he realized I was serious.

So to state the obvious here gentlemen, sex makes YOUR life easier. And for those of you who would argue otherwise, try giving up masturbation AND sex for the next 6 months and let me know how easy your life still is.

But for women, sex only makes our lives nicer (and only if it is good). Then again, pretty shoes and handbags also make our lives nicer. And so does having lunch with our girlfriends and chatting. And so does having a day of solitude when we don't have to think about everyone else around us and what they need, need to do or need to have done. Sex is not a "necessity" for us, not by a long shot. Ask any lesbian couple that is happily committed to each other and have long since stopped having sex with each other (and themselves) and don't miss it a bit. Its a true phenomenon. Women are wired differently.

Women were designed to keep the machine of living running on a daily business and post-coital stupidity aka 'fat, dumb and happy' isn't our most productive state to be in and nature knew somebody needed to make sure things got done, so sexcapades rate lower on the biological urge scale for us. Even those of us with a supernatural sex drive, compared to our sisters, aren't compelled by it. It takes alot longer for us to be bothered by it and we learned long ago that there are two kinds of men in this world; 

Men who bring something of value to your life and men who bring nothing. 

So, to avoid future confusion, if you…

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