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Some mornings.

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Finally got myself in gear to go to gym.


Realized I had everything except gym shorts.

Returned home to get them.

Could feel my fitness resolve draining with every meter traveled.

Made it back to gym.

Sweat, enough.

Then, off to be productive.

Why is it always so hard cold starting the engine?

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Sad post. Read something else for light reading.

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So my beautiful rescue dog has some behavioral problems. I had a long talk with a dog behaviorist about him and his short history with me and the prognosis isn't good. He would have to be intensely managed for the rest of his life and short of moving to a mountain top and living alone with him, isolated from people and other dogs, he will always be a safety risk to everyone who comes in contact with him. It isn't a matter of will it happen but when and to whom... and that is the problem when you are dealing with damaged dogs. I suppose the same can be said for people but their damage is often harder to see until it really is too late and the "when" finally happened.

I was told, with no apologies that not only was she refusing to work with him for safety reasons but in reality, no responsible rescue organization will take him with his history so his only options are living in a no-kill shelter cage for the rest of his life, euthanasia or me keeping him (or giving him to someone else) with the knowledge that, because of his size and power, he is a ticking time bomb that will eventually result in the real possibility of him being put down by the State after hurting or killing another living being; adult, child or animal, in the process. And not because he is a bad animal but because he was damaged before I got him and his kind of damage isn't ever really repaired ... only managed like you manage a nuclear power generator.  It never gets better. It only gets managed as best you can to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Needless to say, I cry a lot these days…

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Celebrating the joy of being a woman.

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I have decided that this is a worthwhile ambition.

Burlesque (video)

Because it's not exhibitionism or objectification. Its a sparkling, sequined, entertaining celebration

of all things ... 

grown woman.

The real secret to sexy isn't youth, skin or vulgarity. It is feminine sexual joy, playful sass and a look that tells you everything here is worth waiting for so buckle up, buttercup because you its going to be one hell of a night.

For every man who knows and delights in the singular joys of mature women... my next career as a burlesque artist is dedicated to you!

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The sounds that make me warm, wet and melt....

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Oh my god. I am watching The Late Show with Steven Colbert with one eye when I hear this.... and I am instantly transported while being mystified that this amazing sound is coming from this wisp o' the willow red headed woman singing it.

I am nearly in tears listening to this music because the whole of it together is resonating in me ... deeply...

First person to give me the gift of music might find themselves the delighted recipient of my deepest and most sincere, heartfelt gratitude. Oh good god... this group, this music, this voice... Lake Street Dive, musical group   Two of my favorites from them: The Neighbor's Song and What I'm doing here

Enjoy and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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