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Sacred whores and mundane saints.

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Menial work. Literally brainless. You could teach a monkey to do this job and the monkey would probably not find it nearly as tedious, and be just as productive.

But it is predictable income. Not enough, but reliable and consistent. I feel about money the same way that some folks feel about spouses; reliable and consistent is the best partner to have in stressful times so here I am.

It is suggested to me that I should accept this as the most solid, intelligent option I have available, make the best of it and aspire to find ways to climb up the professional ladder in this company since I am clearly smarter than a monkey (...but obviously not smart enough to have built a financial or professional empire that makes retirement seem like an option instead of a death sentence... because how you know me through this blog right now appears to be my most successful endeavor over the long term so far.)

In short, it is being suggested that I settle down, sit down and give up... on life, on  the future, on myself... that what I do now is unacceptable at some (unspoken) level, and unacceptable to such a degree that menial labor work and trying to shimmy up that ladder to a more comfortable perch in the barnyard for a few more pennies on the dollar, makes the best kind of sense. Wage slavery and mindless misery for the security and respect of having a "normal" job that is working beneath my capacity so I can have ... a more comfortable coffin in the form of a couch and a predictable schedule? I don't know. I honestly don't know.

I like being here. I have deep, intense, loving and.or supportive interactions with individuals (most of the time)…

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Oh. Hell. Yes.

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I love this photo. :-)

And yes, its really me.

And yes, I took it myself.

With a gopro and a tripod. God bless technology!

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And a little gem to sparkle.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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In other news,

made my first video clip. Did not go as well as hoped but better than expected. I did pretty good with no free hands and only my cleavage to control the camera angles. Now if I could only grow a second pair of arms and hands so I can do this correctly. LOL. And no, it will never be posted for viewing for a few reasons. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. Filming a child's birthday party with the handycam at home by your drunken uncle would be more entertainment than what I managed to do on my first venture out into film land. :-) Many times the greatest things come after epic failures. At least, that is what I am telling myself. 

Updated new photos. Again, not bad for doing it all myself with a cam and a tripod. Sometimes, when you need something done, you really need to do it yourself. They are here in the gallery. Scenes from the rear view or something like that. Enjoy, and you're welcome. If you have a favorite, do drop me a note and tell me which one. I like feedback.

And finally, posted an audio version of a very sexy blog entry from recently. If you found yourself hot and bothered reading a recent entry, you'll love the audio. I reconnected with an old friend of mine (platonic) who just happened to be familiar with audio editing and helped me record and clean it up to more professional sound quality. The difference is amazing when you know what you are listening for.

.... Just don't listen while driving! Seriously, I am not kidding about this! You were warned!

Big wheels in motion and starting to turn. Learning curves being approached with trepidation but being approached, nonetheless. Not…

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