I'm so glad you're thinking about sharing some time with me! Potential playmates who wish to be taken seriously and receive VIP treatment and get on my private list, should email through the form on this website and be prepared to go through some basic screening. I am a low volume provider who prefers to work with limited, select clients so this is for your safety as well as my own. 

I can't wait to hear from you. I love what I do and I would love to share that enthusiasm and passion with you!

Etiquette 101:

I would prefer to begin, continue and end our time together on the most affectionate, carefree and easy going manner possible. When we are both relaxed and feeling good about being in each other's company, everything is so much sexier and fun.

  1. I want to start our time together by being able to concentrate on you and the chemistry between us. Please leave the fee in a location (the bathroom counter is preferred) where I can see it without having to ask for it so we can start things on a relaxed note with each other.
  2. My rate is based on time, nothing else. As a result, the only additional discussion about my rates will be if you choose to extend the length of our time together. Asking me to confirm my rate, give detailed description of my services or anything else that implies a cognitive deficit on your end will be cause for ending the appointment at that moment. 
  3. I am an affectionate person. If affection makes you uncomfortable, then you should find a different provider for both our comfort and well being. I offer the best of myself to folks that understand the value of affectionate contact.
  4. And finally, aside from an obvious request for basic hygiene practices (mouthwash is available. Please remove gum before entering office), I would prefer that you wash your hands when we meet. I am sure your hands are clean but it would put my mind at ease if I were confident that they were freshly washed before you touched my face or hair.