Tantra Blessings

Are you looking for a human connection, feminine warmth, slow, sensual intimacy and the delicious joy that only a mature woman who is genuinely happy to spend time with you can bring? Welcome to my temple. I have been waiting for you...

Welcome to my little island of happiness! Want to know me better? Listen to my audio ad and some of my audio blog entries. If personality matters to you, this is a great place to start!


Because not all male submission involves abdication of masculinity or replaying their angry, sexually frustrated mothers.

Because BDSM without eroticism is just consent to abuse without an erection (clitoral or otherwise)

Because they are hookers if they are loving toward genitals but morally superior if they only attack and torture them? No!

I love sex I love men. Sexual domination is about my erotics, not your neurotics. I don't need your approval or permission

Fear of labels; slut, whore OR hooker is based in valuing social approval defined by a patriarchy. MY BDSM is a matriarchy