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  • Temple Massage; Esalen, Lomi-Lomi, Prostate
  • The Tantra Experience & Tantra Practice
  • Odyssey, Role Play & Fetish Special Requests
  • Libertine's Indulgence
  • Three's Company; B-Boy edition

Temple Massages: Lomi-Lomi, Esalen and Prostate 


Aloha! Imagine being able to relax and enjoy long, sensual slippery strokes that undulate and glide under your body with long sweeps and slow strokes that connect every point of your body to the next with each deep sigh of relief you take.

This is not an oily rubdown but a delightfully slippery, relaxing and greasy-free massage that comes directly from the tropical islands. Close your eyes and feel hands and arms roll and slip under you like a gentle ocean wave moving underneath you on a warm, slippery bed. Feel the incredible feeling of deep tissue and feather touch all interchanging with each other as one part of you transitions into another without interruption.


This beautiful approach to massage is more than it appears. From the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California comes this exquisite form of bodywork that encourages you and your massage practitioner become equal partners in the experience. Mutual sensual massage as a form of connecting and healing is encouraged in Esalen work because genuine healing and connection is seen as only possible when it is a shared, loving act between humans. You can choose to receive massage, give massage or both during your session. Focused instruction on improving your own massage techniques are always available. Indicate this as an interest during your session. Powerfully healing and relaxing, this is a gentle, sensual and shame free approach to being all natural and all human. Breathe deep, relax, and love yourself in completely shame free ways.

Prostate Therapy:

Exclusive to men, this is a very healthy approach to male health and should be done by someone who is gentle, knowledgeable and respectful of your comfort levels and limitations. In this most sensitive and vulnerable of areas, the seat of your manhood resides and the energy and attitude that is presented to it during contact is magnified because of the intimacy and vulnerability of this sacred, tantric area. It is highly recommended for males who have highly stressful lives, sit down for more than a few hours as part of their work throughout the day or are over the age of 35 and finding themselves less satisfied with their normal self care routines.

There are exceptions to this service so if you have or had (a) prostatitis or (b) prostate cancer (c) colo-rectal issues or (d) something else I haven't mentioned, please inquire with your medical specialist about about having ANY kind of stimulation in that area before scheduling this for yourself.

Tantra for Seekers

This is a warm, luscious and loving session that begins seekers on their journey into tantra. Your session begins with a conversation about tantra and some education about your practice as a neophyte, novice or consort. The instruction at this level is tailored to your current proficiency and exposure to tantric practice and is intended to move you ahead in your education. Breathwork, solo practices, self mastery and more are all foundation lessons that must be learned before you can get the most benefit and pleasure from the sacred union of partner practices. 

    It is here that I begin to give you the tools you will need to start building with. Then, I will give you a wonderfully relaxing (and real) massage and I will work on your chakra centers to help open up any blocked energy centers in your energetic body and with much respect and honor, I will gently and patiently work on your male Sacred Spot (male G-Spot) and perform a ritualistic massage to open this most powerful energy center in your male body so that you can completely open up to me and relax into your experience.  Once complete, I will turn you over and complete the massage on the Yin side of your body, continuing to open up blocked energy pathways, reconnecting the disconnected parts of your Self, and showering you from head to toe with adoring, loving and nurturing attention and affection. At this point, depending on where your lessons have brought you, we will either transition into a deeper meditative state and more advanced practices or a tantric embrace to begin the process of experiencing advanced connections through the heart centers with breathing, focus and embrace. Exploring your potentials are the focus of this part of the session and the sky is the limit for what you are capable of discovering about yourself during this time. This session is distinct because it involves genuine affection and kissing as part of a heart centered practice.

    • Erotic Odyssey

              Are you looking for an escapefrom the ordinary that involves surrender, submission and delicious sensorydelights without pain, humiliation or unnecessary roughness? 

      Do you crave the soft side of erotic surrender where letting go means giving yourself over to the skilled and soft hands of someone who actually likes men, likes you and wants this to be the most amazing, mind-bending, time-stopping vacation from reality that you can have without putting you at risk for anything except wanting more of it? Then join me for Odyssey!

       This is a customized session and t
      here is no one size fits all script for this trip!  Every session is different and customized to suit YOU. 

      Whether you like it gentle, intense or anything between – the entire session is designed to meet your desires at the deepest levels in a way that lets you let go, lose control and feel good about doing it. Ready to sail away to somewhere far away? Sign on for Odyssey and begin the journey of an erotic lifetime.  Special requests are

      Want a treat? Here is a sample of LETTUCE. Read here: 

    Libertine's Indulgence

    Enjoy a more carnal, primal and dirty minded escape into those places that aren't so easy to gain entry to. No passport needed for this! There is select availability for this and alternate rates apply. Want to get a feel for the kind of vibe you are dancing to here? Here's a blog post for you.

    Three's Company - B-boy edition

    For some of us, the love that dares not speak its name isn’t so much about love as much as lusty team playing! There is nothing I enjoy more than very private and very discrete MFM or MMF fun and games or similar variations of this dynamic. If you have a secret yen for something like this, by all means let’s consider this a special date!

    If you are approved and we decide to consider this between us, there are very specific rules of engagement and strict limits on how I will entertain this type of sporting good play so do not assume anything until we come to clear agreement on where the no-fly-zones are and who will be allowed to board for flight. A deposit will be required for this and all discussion of this will be done on my paid line with the call button link on the front page. I apologize if this seems harsh but given the propensity of some folks who like to think about and plan their adventures and then get cold feet at the last minute, this is the only insurance I have to prevent hard feelings and permanent black listing of individuals who were sincere, just not ready.

    I am in the cockpit, seated and ready to fly! Are you ready to be my co-pilot and land this bird of paradise into its proper landing formation?

    Life is short. Regret is long. Have an adventure with folks who want to keep their fun and games private as much as you do.

    Temple Massage Services
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    Prostate Therapy
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    Fetish Role Play & Erotic BDSM
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    2 hour minimum. Deposit required
    Tantra for Seekers
    2 hour minimum. Deposit required
    1/+ hours and deposit may be required
    Libertine's Indulgence
    2 hour minimum. Deposit required
    2 hour minimum. Deposit required
    Fantasy Phone Service
    See call button on "about me" page!
    Travel/extended stay
    email with itinerary for rates
    Single hour accompaniment 350
    Extended accompaniment 2-3 hours (flexible end time) 700
    Mr Big, extended accompaniment (6+ hours flexible end time) 1,000